This blog was prompted by the debates on the Singapore Government’s White Paper titled ‘A Sustainable Population for a Dynamic Singapore’. Topics discussed on this blog mostly center around Singapore’s politics, economy, and society. The writer strives to maintain neutrality and objectivity at all times, but he retains the discretion to be unabashedly one-sided if he chooses.

Enjoy your stay here, I hope you like what you read, and fundamentally, let’s agree to disagree πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “About

  1. read ur post on white paper population. u certainly has the substance to make logical and convincing argument. honestly, im sick of online politics discussion without any substantial grounding.

    we need to look at politicians’ claim and online contributors’ comment with a pinch of salt. find the stats, analyze it and find a new stand pt, and that will be interesting.

    e.g. population white paper is hinging on calculation of life expectancy. that calculation is done with little substantial fact.

    politician like thatcher and ronald regan understood economics and werent afraid to go against the majority.

    too many self-righteous and opinionated pieces out there. be different

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